Compute Project Overview

Zadara Cloud Services enables creating, configuring, running, accessing, and managing Virtual Machines (VMs).

The VMs that are allocated for your project are displayed in several widgets.


Compute Overview - Summary widget.

This widget provides you with a summary of the number of existing VMs in use by your project, indicating the number of running, Active VMs, VMs in an Error state and the number of Shutoff VMs.


Compute Overview - Top Virtual Machines widget.

This widget displays the top 10 VMs  of your project in terms of resource usage : Storage usage (total), Storage latency (average), Storage throughput (total), Network usage (receive), Network usage (send), Memory usage, and CPU usage.


Compute Overview - CPU Usage widget.

This widget displays the CPU usage of your project.


Compute Overview - Memory Usage widget.

This widget displays the Memory usage of your project.


Compute Overview - Network Usage widget.

This widget displays the network usage of your project.


Compute Overview - Network Drop widget

The widget displays the network errors and drops of your project.