Delete Subnets and VLANs


You must be an admin user to do the tasks described in this section and its sub-sections.

You can delete subnets and VLANs via the CLI during cluster maintenance.

This functionality is limited to subnets and VLANs without any overlay entities (Virtual IPs, traffic types, VN-Groups). This means that you can delete only subnets and VLANs that you defined after installation.

During the deletion procedure, nodes temporarily lose their network access, and VIPs are down for up to 60 seconds. You can run this procedure through Maestro.

To delete subnets and VLANs:

Shutdown all VMs in an orderly manner.

Move the cluster to maintenance:

$ cluster shutdown

Wait for the cluster to shutdown.

Shutdown network agents on all nodes using the CLI:

$ networking control agents-shutdown

Wait for the agents to shutdown:

$ networking control agents-state

Delete the global subnet or VLAN using the CLI. You can delete multiple entities in this stage – remove subnet first, then VLAN:

$ networking subnets remove <global subnet uuid>
$ networking vlans remove <global vlan uuid>

Restart the network agents on all nodes using the CLI:

$ networking control agents-restart


During this stage network connectivity to all nodes is temporarily lost (up to 20 seconds). VIP also stops working for a longer time (around 60 seconds).

Wait for the agents to return to normal operation:

$ networking control agents-state

Return the cluster to normal operation:

$ cluster powerup