Release 20.12-SP1 is a service pack release to the previous Zadara 20.12 release which includes scalability, security, usability improvements, new features and bug fixes.

The following section will breakdown the additions and updates to the Zadara Storage Cloud platform.

Version 20.12-SP1-132

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA Flash Array

  • 19821 - Fixed an issue where a large demote queue may cause a VC to failover in a tiered VPSA

  • 19835 - Fixed an issue where docker container issues an async IO may cause the VC to failover

Provisioning Portal

  • 19834 - Fixed an issue where administrator cannot invoke a VPSA operations on behalf of a user

Version 20.12-SP1-123

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA Flash Array

  • 18303 - Added KMIP (Equinix SmartKeys) support for volumes encryption

  • 7170 - Added support for Azure Blob storage as a remote destination for “Backup to Object Storage”.

  • 19398 - Added KDC IP validation

  • 19341 - Get Volume/Snapshot API enhancements, additional volumes/snapshots attributes returned

VPSA Object Storage

  • 19533 - VPSA Object Storage SSL certificate ( was updated

  • 19263 - Added auto-disable mechanism for detailed performance monitoring

  • 19162 - Optimize ring partition power for newly created VPSA Object Storage

  • 19145 - Remote authentication provider (Openstack Keystone) now binds all external traffic to the Front End network

  • 18867 - Optimize usage report mechanism to support 1000 remote accounts

  • 19145 - Added an option to define a custom name server (remote authentication provider name resolution)

  • 18901 - New versioning option (v2) was added

Provisioning Portal

  • 18179 - Added support for Object Storage account provisioning directly from Zadara Provisioning Portal

Command Center

  • 19631 - Fixed an issue where 403 response is return for a custom Command Center role

  • 19157 - Fixed an issue where CCVM certificate update via API did not work


OpenStack Manila VPSA Driver

Wallaby release - a Zadara VPSA (Storage Array & Flash-Array) share driver was introduced.

Manila VPSA driver provides a seamless management capabilities for VPSA volumes, in this case, NFS & SMB volumes without losing the added value provided by the VPSA Storage Array/Flash-Array.

Supported operations:

  • Create a share.

  • Delete a share.

  • Extend a share.

  • Create a snapshot.

  • Delete a snapshot.

  • Create a share from snapshot.

  • Allow share access.

  • Manage a share.

For additional information/full configuration reference please refer to the official Openstack Manila documentation.

Openstack Cinder VPSA Driver

Wallaby release - The Zadara VPSA block Driver for Openstack Cinder was updated with the following enhancements:

  • Added support for manage/unmanage volumes

  • Added support for manage/unmanage snapshots

  • Added support for multiattach

  • Added support for IPv6 VPSA networking

The updated driver requires a VPSA running version 20.12-SP1 or later.