Managing Tech Support Tickets

Managing Tech Support TicketsΒΆ

You can manage your Zadara Tech Support tickets directly from your VPSA. Support requests are redirected to the Zadara Support portal at


To Open a Support Ticket

  • Open the VPSA GUI > Support > Tickets page and click Create.
  • Enter the Subject and Description and press Create Ticket.
  • Select if the ticket should include a full set of logs (ZSnap) or not.
  • This creates a ticket along with (or without) a set of logs (ZSnap), and is uploaded to the Zadara portal for analysis of the issue.


To Manage Support Tickets

  • You can view the list of open support tickets, with each ticket displaying its ticket number, date, status, and subject per ticket.
  • You can Comment on a ticket or Add Zsnap to an existing ticket.
  • Finally, if you feel an issue is resolved you can close it.