VPSA Object Storage Settings

VPSA Object Storage Settings

Modify Object Storage settings

VPSA Object Storage settings is a list of configuration settings. Some are displayed for information purposes only, other can be modified. To change a setting parameter click the edit link next to it.


Public IP: (read only)

An IP address that allows access to the VPSA Object Storage system from the Internet. Assigning Public IP is done via the Zadara Provisioning Portal, as described here Assigning Public IPs (ZIOS Admin). In order to access the Object Storage over the Public IP, make sure to set the VPSA Object Storage API IP to the assigned Public IP or to set the VPSA Object Storage API Hostname to its registered domain.

API Endpoint: (read only)

The effective address for VPSA Object Storage REST API for all IO requests. It depends on the setting of the VPSA Object Storage API IP and ZIOS API Hostname, below.

Auth Endpoint: (read only)

The effective address for VPSA Object Storage REST API for all authentication requests. This field depends on the setting of the VPSA Object Storage API IP and VPSA Object Storage API Hostname, below.

API Hostname:

VPSA Object Storage FQDN.


For the VPSA Object Storage API Hostname either static IP, or FQDN must be given.

Floating FE IP: (read only)

The floating frontend IP address used by the Object Storage.

Proxy VC IP: (read only)

The Object Storage VC’s IP frontend addresses.

Load Balancer Group IP: (read only) List the LBG IP addresses (in case the Elastic Load Balancer is enabled)

Allow Tenant Name In URL: Allow specifying the tenant name in the URL passed in the API instead of its ID.


For AWS v4 signature, “region” (also called bucket_location) must be specified for the signature to work. Default is US.

Modify Object Storage security settings


Password Policy:

VPSA Admin can control the VPSA Password expiration policy and password history policy.

Dual Factor Authentication: Enforce Dual Factor Authentication for all users.

Cloud Admin Access:

This sets the cloud admin’s VPSA GUI access (via the Command Center), to Enabled/Disabled status.

Upload SSL Certificate: (Optional)

VPSA Object Storage REST API works over HTTPS with SSL certificate. VPSA Object Storage comes with built in SSL certificate (issued for zadarazios domain). If you want to use you own certificate, upload it here. The supported certificate format is “PEM”.


Make sure the certificate used is issued for the Hostname or IP specified in VPSA Object Storage endpoints listed above


This sets the encryption password for the Object Storage data-at-rest encryption.

For more information on encrypted containers see Encrypted Containers .

SSL Termination:

Internal (default)/external. By default the HTTPS traffic enters the Object Storage proxy server and encryption/decryption is done internally. Users In case of an external load balancer, it is recommended to offload the SSL termination to the external load balancer, should select “external”. In this case the VPSA Object Storage expects HTTP (not encrypted) traffic.

Setting Object Storage Pricing



Select the currency used for billing purposes.

Data Transfer Pricing:

If you want to charge your internal/external customers for the traffic going into and from VPSA Object Storage, you can specify your currency and pricing in the Setting>Pricing tab.

Storage Capacity Pricing:

Pricing for stored capacity depends on the storage Policy used. Therefore the capacity price is set per Policy as the price per GB per month.


FE MTU Size: Modify the MTU size for the Frontend interface (1500, 2048, 4096, 9000)

Public MTU Size: Modify the MTU size for the Public interface (1500, 2048, 4096, 9000)