Creating Public IP Addresses

By default you access to VPSA instances from the public Internet is not available for security and privacy reasons. The VPSA Front-End IP address which is used for VPSA management (via GUI and REST API) and for data IO workload (host connectivity via iSCSI/NFS/SMB protocols), is allocated on the Zadara Storage Cloud “Front-End” network which is routable only from the Cloud Servers network. Servers outside of the Cloud Servers network cannot reach this IP address.

Public IP addresses are allocated on the Cloud management interface and can be assigned to VPSA instances to enable management access to it from outside of the cloud network.

A typical use case requiring Public IP addresses is VPSA Asynchronous Remote Mirroring between two VPSAs residing in different regions or between on premise and public cloud deployments or even between different Cloud Providers for Disaster Recovery (DR). In such cases Communication between the VPSAs is done via an authenticated and encrypted channel over the public Internet, thus requiring Public IPs.

Cloud admins can use command center to define public IP addresses and assign then to VPSA instances. To define a public address range: go to the Public IPs tab and Click on the New Public IP button.

On the New Public IP(s) screen provide all the required details to configure the public IP range:





Descriptor for the public IPs


a new\existing VLAN for this Public IP range (different from the cloud tenants VLANs


Public IP network Gateway


Public IP network subnet mask

Public IP range

Range of external public IP addresses to be defined

IP range

In case NAT is being used : Corresponding internal IP range otherwise : identical to the external range

To confirm click on the Submit, The public IP addresses range will be defined and ready for VPSA allocation.