Importing SSL Certificates

To enable secure communication (HTTPS protocol) between the outside consumer and certain services, you will need to specify an SSL certificate that you have already imported into your domain.


  • From version 23.08.1 and later, zCompute supports use of ECDSA certificates.

  • In version 23.08.0 and earlier, users of newer versions of certbot (Let’s Encrypt) for generating keys need to specify --key-type rsa since ecdsa is now certbot’s default.

To import an SSL certificate into Zadara IaaS:

  1. Navigate to the Home > Certificates view. The current certificate list will be displayed.

  2. From the top toolbar, click Import.

  3. In the Import Certificate dialog displayed, enter the information below. The certificate, key, and certificate chain can either be entered by dragging the file to the designated area, or browsing to the file location.

    • Name - name of the certificate.

    • Certificate - certificate file is the end-user certificate for your domain which you received from the certificate authority.

    • Private Key - private key file which matches your certificate.

    • Certificate Chain (optional) - includes all of the intermediate certificates, if relevant, and the root certificate.

  4. Click OK. You have now imported an SSL certificate which can be used by services which require secure communication.