New functionality and change list

Release 20.01

Release 20.01 is an enhancement to previous release 19.08 with some scalability, security, and usability improvements, new features and fixes to issues that were found in previous releases.

What’s new in Zadara Cloud

Asigra Virtual Backup Appliance

This release brings a new concept to Zadara offerings. Data services on top of Zadara’s storage services.

New offering by Zadara & Asigra. Virtual Appliance that runs the Asigra Backup Engine (DS-System) on the Zadara storage cloud, and stores the backups in a dedicated VPSA.

This Virtual Backup Appliance provisions a complete backup solutiom in a click, including the backup engine



VPSA GUI and Provisioning Portal are now fully translated to the following languages: English, German, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.


Zadara storage now support IPv6 for hosts connectivity.

SNMP Traps

Customers running their own private clouds and want to get alerts to their SNMP manager can now configure it. Both VPSA and Storage Nodes alerts are sent as SNMP traps. Supports both SNMP V2 and V3.

What’s new in VPSA Storage Array and All Flash Array

Backup to Object Storage

The VPSA built-in backup facility can use AWS S3 Object Storage different classes to optimize the usage of S3 capacity. It supports S3 Standard, S3 Standard Infrequent Access, and S3 Intelligent Tiring.


CSI Driver

Zadara now supports Persistant Kubernetes Container Storage Interface (CSI). CSI is a standard for exposing arbitrary block storage to containerized workloads on Container Orchestration Systems (COS) like Kubernetes. This gives Kubernetes users the ability to use Zadara block and file volumes as persitent storage for containers and makes the system more secure and reliable.

The VPSA Storage Array CSI Driver is publicly available at the Zadara CSI Github repository.


What’s new in VPSA Object Storage


Zadara Object Storage now supports unlimited number of objects per container.

The internal elastic load balancer was extended to scale for larger Object Storage configuration.

Zadara Object Storage now offers 3 profiles to server different scalability needs:

IO Engine Type

Minimum # of Drives

Maximum Raw Capacity



1024 TB



4096 TB

Premium Plus


61440 TB

Data protection with Erasure Coding is now available on Premium and Premium Plus profiles only.


Veeam VPSA Storage Array is now certified as “Veeam Ready Repository” VPSA Object Storage is now certified as “Veeam Ready Object” and immutable capacity backup target for Veeam’s ransomware-proof backups using immutability APIs”


Major Changes & bug fixes

20.01 Build 394

VPSA Object Storage
  • 19191,19185 - Fixed an issue with failed authentication requests during failover

  • 19246 - Enhancement - improve quorum mechanism for 2-Way protection protection policy

  • 19149 - Fix an issue in which put-object-retention returning 404 in case of a disk timeout

20.01 Build 386

VPSA Object Storage
  • 19009 - Fixed a regression in 20.01-383 that might affect Object Storage with EC policy

Provisioning Portal, Command Center
  • 18403 - A new wildcard certificate was introduced (Valid until end of Jan 2022)

20.01 Build 383

VPSA All Flash
  • 18000 - Fixed a race condition that might result in data corruption

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA All Flash
  • 18849 - Fixed an issue with volume mirroring that might lead to a VPSA lockdown

VPSA, Object Storage
  • 18636 - Support Jumbo frames on Storage Nodes with ConenctX-5 NIC. The PFs MTU is set to 9216. VPSA and Object Storage now support MTU up to 9216, but max MTU size allowed via the GUI and Command Center remains 9000

VPSA Object Storage
  • 18384,16856,18633,18642,18673,18720,18837,18847,18856 - Mutiple performance enhancements, to better support Veeam SOBR workloads

  • 18236 - Fixed an issue where Veeam SOBR job fails with NoSuchVersion message

20.01 Build 367

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA All Flash
  • 18282 - Fixed an issue where it was impossible to add user with more than 6 characters in the final part of the domain

Command Center, VPSA, Object Storage
  • 16209 - IPv6 Support for outbound cloud services via management network

  • 17741 - Support Dual stack (ipv4 + ipv6) on internal Zadara networks

  • 18214 - Support TLS for ticket submission via SMTP

VPSA Object Storage
  • 17814 - Allow any ACL change and allow assigning quotas on an immutable container

  • 18010 - Allow zios_admin_ro user to list all users across all accounts

Storage Node
  • 18186 - Support IPv6 HTTP Proxy for outgoing connectivity

  • 18322 - Support back to back Storage Nodes connectivity over Mellanox CX-5 NICs

Provisioning Portal
  • 17903 - Max drives to added to multi-zone object storage (EC 9+3) is now 432

  • 18134,18228,18262 - Fixed an issue of wrong calculation of flash cache capacity

20.01 Build 336

Cloud Controller
  • 17958 - Fixed a race issue that might result in wrong Object Storage VC zone allocation

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA All Flash
  • 16410 - Fixed an issue in which VPSA failover fails if AD monitor thread is stuck

  • 17918 - Added an option to switch between NTLM and KRB5 authentication protocols. The default protocol is KRB5. This new option fixes an issue where Winbind timed out when trying to connect to non-accessible AD DNS IP using KRB5 protocol

Command Center, VPSA, Object Storage
  • 17942 - Fixed an issue where email login password is reset in the Command Center/Settings/SMTP page

VPSA Object Storage
  • 17318 - Added a loadbalancer option to switch between NAT and direct-routing

  • 17950 - Optimization to better identify permanent failures quickly

20.01 Build 327

Storage Node
  • 15365, 17293 - Zadara cloud now supports high speed (100GbE) interconnect with Mellanox ConnectX-5 NIC, supporting RoCEv2 and Priority Flow Control

  • 17815 - Fixed a rare race in license validation, resulting in SN moving to offline state, despite valid license

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA All Flash
  • 8163 - Limitation on VMDK size was removed. Users using VPSA NAS shares for their VMWate datastoares, can now create shares of any size

  • 8352 - The system now prevents deattaching an NFS volume as long as there are open files

  • 16507 - Enhanced protection against persistent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks on the VPSA GUI

  • 17495 - These are the minimal permissions needed to run VSS provider: Volume:modify/delete, Snapshot:create/delete, Server:create/delete

  • 17495 - Fixed a display issue of access key on FireFox browser

  • 17528 - Fixed a rare VPSA crash resulting from a file system deadlock deadlock

  • 17551 - VPSA Trim and Defrag do not stop when a pool enters emergency state

  • 17834 - Fixed a deadlock that cuased a VC crash in a mirroring destination

  • 17918 - Fixed a regression issue in 19.08 and 20.01 Samba where it forces DNS lookup for KDC in winbind configuration

Cloud Controller
  • 17017 - Fixed a regression issue in which local time is not synchronized with NTP server on boot

Command Center
  • 17112 - Fixed an issue where user login using MFA fails after upgrading from version 18.11 to 20.01

  • 17580 - Customers can now specify the sending methods for Support ticket and Emails notifications. Setting is done by Command Center

VPSA Object Storage
  • 17318 - A new Read-Only role (zios_admin_ro) was added for Object Storage monitoring purposes.(This user has no container/object access)

  • 17442 - Standard Object Stoarge VC specs were changed to have 8 vCPU and 32GB RAM

  • 17574 - User email address is no longer unique accross accounts. This allows the same person to be account admin in multiple

  • 17577 - Object Storage Usage report was improved, to make easier to use for charge back purposes

  • 17685 - Object Storage can now scale to up to 5000 drives

  • 17862 - Increase TCP Port Range to support up to 40K of client connections

Provisioning Portal
  • 17120 - Fixed an issue where a EC selected Storage Policy wrongly changes to 2-Way Mirror

  • 17588 - Support of white-labeling of the system emails

20.01 Build 308

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA All Flash
  • 17062 - Fixed a regression issue that might result in NFS locking

  • 17023 - Fixed a rare issue that prevent reset access key for a user with the same username as a previously deleted user

  • 17167 - Fixed an issue that might cause out-of-memory crash on SMB shares (17415)

  • 17300 - Fixed an issue in which NFS-client locks are lost following VPSA failover

  • 17342 - Fixed a regression issue that might result in crash on SMB shares

  • 17347 - Fixed an issue that stopped Docker containers on out-of-memory situation

Cloud Controller
  • 17017 - Fixed a regression issue in which local time is not synchronized with NTP server on boot

  • 17423 - Fixed a low probability bug in memory calculation when cloud available resources are low

Command Center
  • 17033 - Fixed a wrong Object Storage activity report

  • 17138 - Fixed a broken VPSA API: add_drives

VPSA Object Storage
  • 16029 - Fixed a crash during multiple drives addition and heavy rebalance

  • 16213 - Fixed a billing error with more than 300 accounts

  • 16994 - Changed billing to use S. Korea currency

  • 17055 - Improved performance on many concurrent PUT operations over large number of connections

  • 17240 - Fixed an issue where wrong free capacity calculation results in false capacity alert. Capacity alert ticket is now raised once a day

  • 17139 - Improved throughput and latency consistency

  • 17329 - Enabling Object Lock by immutability API can now be set from the VPSA Object Storage GUI

  • 17339 - Improved performance of multi-delete operations (also 16130, 17340)

  • 17421 - Added support for UTF-8 encoded objects

  • 17414 - Expansion of Storage Policy can noe be done gradually by small number of drives as listed below

  • 17454 - Fixed an error with versioning/locking of multi-part objects

Object Storage Specifications Change: Minimal drives required for Storage Policy expansion



Premium Plus

2 Way Mirror Protection




3 Way Mirror Protection




Erasure Coding 4+2




Erasure Coding 6+3




Erasure Coding 6+2




Erasure Coding 9+3




Multizone Erasure Coding 4+2




Multizone Erasure Coding 9+3




20.01 Build 285

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA All Flash
  • 17330 - SSL certificate for was renewed. Expiration date is May 6 2022

  • 17355 - An issue with add server over IPv6 was fixed

VPSA Object Storage
  • 17319 - Added prefix to the list-object-versions response

Command Center/VPSA/Object Storage
  • 17179 - An issue that prevented replacing SSL certificates was resolved

20.01 Build 266

Command Center
  • 17179 - Add logging visibility of user management operations for all cloud components to the Command Center Central Log.

20.01 Build 258

VPSA Storage Array and VPSA All Flash
  • 6477 - IPv6 support for Host connectivity

  • 14275 - Filtering by text and date was added to VPSA Event log

  • 14688 - NFS 4.1 is now fully supported including reverse routing for NFS

  • 14807 - Improved user experience of the Performance Section

  • 15475 - SNMP V2 traps for VPSA alerts

  • 15606 - When braking mirrors for DR, allow the destination volume to inherit the WWID of the source volume

  • 15683 - Added “Bandwidth - Total (MiB/s)” chart to VPSA Performance

  • 15979 - SMB unix and dos charsets setting is available now via GUI. Default charsets are: UNIX: UTF-8 (Default) and ISO-8859-1 ; DOS: UTF-16 and CP850 (Default)

  • 16022 - Support additional NFS mount options: all_squash , anonuid and anongid

  • 16076 - IPv6 support for Management network and IPMI

  • 16095 - Backup to Object Storage supports S3 classes: Standard, Infrequent Access and Intelligent Tiering

  • 16177 - Support Multi-Zone configurations where there is only TCP/IP connectivity between the zones (no iSER)

  • 16391 - SNMP V3 traps for VPSA alerts

  • 16463 - volume id was added to performance dashboard disk name

VPSA Object Storage
  • 7020 - Support for account/container quotas was added

  • 7998 - Gradual disk addition is now supported, to prevent heavy rebalancing load

  • 15290 - Large scale (2 to 60 PB) Obejcet Storage deployment was added

  • 15674 - Support object locking via S3 immutability API

  • 16108 - Fixed an issue in which Object Storage Metering was not displayed on Safari browser

  • 16127 - Zadara Object Storage now valides container names to be compatible with AWs S3 naming

  • 16298 - Allow reset credentials of Object Storage (using S3 interface)

Provisioning Portal
  • 15687 - Admin user of private provision portal is able now to modify user’s Company field

  • 15739 - Metering and Billing were added for Remote Clone network traffic

  • 16746 - Select VPSA Type step was added to the provisioning process

Command Center
  • 12690 - Allow manual assignment of public IP

  • 14976 - Command Center allows toggling INTERNET_ACCESS between online and offline

  • 16299 - Sorting by name was added to all drop-down lists