zStorage 20.12-SP2 Release Notes

This document describes the Zadara Storage Cloud release notes. These release notes contain important information available at the time of the release. New features, important bug fixes, known limitations are addressed here.

Key Enhancements

New management graphical interface

We’re excited to announce the availability of our revised VPSA graphical user interface. The dashboard was redesigned to provide a snapshot to the VPSA Storage Array/Flash-Array/Object Storage state:

  • Current workload

  • Capacity utilization and trend

  • Resources status

VPSA Flash-Array dashboard

VPSA Flash-Array dashboard

VPSA Object Storage dashboard

VPSA Object Storage dashboard

VPSA Storage Array

Support Azure BLOB as an Object Storage tier

Azure BLOB can be used in the VPSA Flash-Array as an Object Storage Tier.

Support replacement of KMIP KMS key UUID used in the VPSA

KMS keys that were rotated can now be replaced with a new key in the VPSA management interface.

VPSA Object Storage

Container level replication

Container level replication allows an asynchronously object replication between Zadara’s VPSA Object Storage to a remote VPSA Object Storage or other S3 compatible Object Storage.

Zadara’s container level replication unblocks a new set of replication scenarios:

  • Move the data closer - Container replication can reduce latency for read operations by allowing the data the be consumed from the closest proximity.

  • Distribution - post processing, the data can be shifted to additional locations.

  • Optimizing cost - replicating the data to a remote location that uses a cheaper protection policy.

  • Data redundancy - you can maintain an additional copy of your data in an additional location (VPSA Object Storage, AWS S3 or any other s3 compatible storage)

The container level replication feature will be ready to use on any Zadara VPSA Object Storage that is running version 20.12-SP2 or later.

Configuring replication job may incur additional charges for data transfer, please contact your cloud administrator for additional information.



CSI Driver

Zadara’s VPSA Kubernetes CSI driver updated - Version 1.3.6 is now publicly available. The full list of changes is available in the CSI 1.3.6 section of the release notes. The latest driver installation and usage information can be found at Zadara’s CSI Github repository

Revision History

  • 20.12-SP2-247, February 2022 (replaced 20.12-SP2-240)

  • 20.12-SP2-240, January 2022

  • 20.12-SP2-239, November 2021

  • 20.12-SP2-233, November 2021

  • 20.12-SP2-229, September 2021

  • 20.12-SP2-228, September 2021

  • 20.12-SP2-225, August 2021

  • 20.12-SP2-223, August 2021

  • 20.12-SP2-220, July 2021

  • 20.12-SP2-217, July 2021

  • 20.12-SP2-204, April 2021 (GA)