Key Enhancements

Release 22.02 is a major version which includes scalability, security, usability improvements, new features and bug fixes.

The following section will breakdown the additions and updates to the Zadara Compute Cloud platform (zCompute).

Premium instance types

Zadara now offers premium instance types based on Intel Gen 3 Platinum 8362. Please contact sales for more information.

NVMe instance types

Zadara now offers instance types with NVMe based on the premium types. Please contact sales for more information.


NVMe storage is a local passthrough device, meaning:

  • VMs using NVMe disks cannot be migrated for maintenance.

  • NVMe devices are ephemeral.

  • Zadara only offers complete NVMe devices and does not partition a device between VMs.

SAML SSO Support

Limited availability of SAML SSO support, for large installations. Please contact Zadara ops/sales, if required.

New zCompute Toolbox Fedora image including the V2Z utility (from Version 22.02-SP2)

A new zCompute Toolbox Fedora version is available. It includes the following changes:

  • Moved from CentOS 7.9 to Fedora 36.

  • User changed from Centos to Fedora.

  • New Symp client, compatible with Fedora.

  • Now comes pre-installed with the V2Z tool for VMWare/Hyper-V VM imports.

  • No default login user. Instead use the cloud-init procedure to change the user password

  • Known issues:

    • NK-3835: The zCompute Toolbox Fedora shows the old version for members in the Marketplace. This means that tenants will still continue to download the older version if using the Marketplace. Instead look for a pre-downloaded image in the image list. If it’s not there, please ask Zadara ops or your cloud administrator to download it for you and make it publicly available in the system.

    • NK-4055: zCompute Toolbox Fedora is missing the Symp offline pip dependencies. This means that the python dependencies installation requires you to be online (internet) when running symp-update.