Known issues and limitations

Version 21.10

NK-2476 Download image from URL with Let’s Encrypt certificate will fail

The trusted certificate store holds a recently expired Let’s Encrypt root certificate. This may be amended per cloud per customer request and will be fixed on the next release for all the clouds.

NK-2169 When using Cloud Base Init user can’t retrieve the Windows Admin password for remote connection

This is caused by an internal race in the update of the metadata service.


Either don’t use Cloud Base Init to create images or add a startup script that will accept the initial Admin password as user data and set it for the user.

NK-1873 DR: In order to restore a VM the user has to have “admin” role on the destination project

A user must have an admin or an MSP admin role in order to create a local snapshot from a remote snapshot, a bug has been created where the user needs to have an “admin” role in the destination project in order to restore a VM to that project. Ideally, the admin should be able to restore into a selected project without having a role on the project.

NK-1903 DR: No indication to user when a remote snapshot is ready

The DR metadata is written immediately to the NFS share while the actual snapshot mirror depends on when the VPSA has finished the transfer. The result is that the user may see a snapshot as ready on the remote site while a restore is not possible yet. Trying to restore the VM will lead to volume error which can be force deleted

Workaround: Restore from snapshot N-1 or retry later if the original system is still active.

NK-1788 Some attributes are missing when creating an AMI image from a restored VM

When creating an image from a VM that was restored from a VM snapshot, the new image is missing some attributes. Specifically, it is missing the bus_type and disk type. The implication is that any VM created from the image VM won’t boot.

Workaround: Do not create images from a restored VM. Create the image from the volume snapshots.

NK-753 Tenant Admin unable to see resources of all projects in the account

Tenant admins can create projects and assign users, but are unable to see the resources of these projects unless they give themselves an admin role on the project. This makes the account summary inaccurate, since only the resources from the current project are counted. In this image, you can see an empty project:


While here you can see that at the account level, you can only see the default VPC resources from the first project:


NK-1751 DR: Raise an error event when failed to create vm-snapshot

Currently if the system fails to create a VM-snapshot during the asynchronous part of the flow, no indication is given to the user.

Known issues and limitations introduced in R7

  • NK- 1582 - Placing a VM and it’s volumes into the same protection group causes some snapshots to go into error state

  • NK-1285, NK-1282 - Mirror is not cleaned when detaching a volume from a VM or removing an entity from a protection group

Known issues and limitations introduced in R5

  • NK-1076 - Reset password for predefined users in disabled accounts succeeds but the message claims failure

  • NK-1082 - There is no export to CSV on Monitoring → Events

  • NK-1115 - Windows VM may get data corruption if rebooted from the system

Known issues and limitations introduced in R4

  • NK-817 - Delete a NAT gateway fails with an error that resources could not be deleted due to dependencies/network associations/routes/etc. User must first delete the route to the NAT GW in the route table.

  • NK-831 - Deletion of ENI is not possible from the GUI

Known issues and limitations introduced in R3

  • NK-648 - Load Balancer creation menu allows selection of elastic IP that belong to an instance without a warning

  • NK-661 - Basic event filters do not work. Use the advanced mode instead (Click more filters)

Known issues and limitations introduced in previous releases

  • NK-234 - Direct-network is not listed as route in route-table. When creating a direct subnet, a route is added for local traffic but it is not displayed in the route table.

  • NK-502 - Restoring snapshot of VM always done to the default pool, even if the VM disks are not on that pool or the user explicitly selects a different pool.