zStorage 20.12-SP1 Release Notes

This document describes the Zadara Storage Cloud release notes. These release notes contain important information available at the time of the release. New features, important bug fixes, known limitations are addressed here.

Key Enhancements

VPSA Storage Array

KMIP Integration (Equinix SmartKeys)

Users can now use their Equinix SmartKeys keys for VPSA Storage Array Volume encryption. A VPSA with a user provided encryption key can switch to a KMIP based encryption.


Azure BLOB storage support

Users can utilize their Azure Blob storage with the VPSA Storage Array Backup to Object Storage. This option is added to the existing support of VPSA Object Storage, AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage as the remote object storage.


VPSA Object Storage

New object versioning V2 method support

Versioning provides an additional layer of protection for objects. Users can easily recover from unintended user errors or application failures. Users can also use Versioning for data retention and archiving.

The new versioning method is the default versioning option for new containers created in version 20.12-SP1 onwards, This uses symlink and hidden container for implementing versioning rather than the archive container.

Openstack Keystone integration - custom DNS support

VPSA Object Storage administrators can set their private name servers to support private domain names.



VPSA Driver for OpenStack Manila

Zadara VPSA Storage Array & Flash Array share driver for OpenStack Manila is now available with the Wallaby release.

Revision History

  • 20.12-SP1-123, April 2021