Known issues and limitations

Known issues and limitations introduced in 20.12

Zadara Cloud
  • 19250 - Asigra VPSA creation might fail with DVM state EXECUTING_REBOOT

Known issues and limitations introduced in 19.08

Zadara Cloud
  • 15397 - “Edge device” (Cloud-in-a-Box) with 10GBase-T RJ45 hosts connectivity can be expanded to a full cloud by connecting BE Mellanox switches.

  • 13626 - Volume or clone deletion may result in misleading effective capacity.

  • 15104 - Can’t rename volumes in “failed” state.

  • 15700 - VPSA with IPv6 GUI cannot be opened using domain name with Chrome browser if IPv6 address is not global. This is a chrome issue.

  • 15888 - Encrypted volume cannot be remote cloned as non-encrypted volume, and vice versa.

  • 15943 - IO may fail during model upgrade of VPSA model 200 if the CPU is highly utilized.

  • 15969 - Non admin users are unable to activate/deactivate their own dual factor authentication.

Known issues and limitations introduced in 18.11

VPSA All Flash
  • 12388 - Capacity saving by zero pattern matching is not counted in the savings calculation.

  • 13509 - Removing of Master Encryption Password is possible only after deleting the pools.