The virtual resources of the Zadara Cloud Services region are managed through an administrative hierarchy of accounts & projects. Users, who are members of an account, can be assigned different projects within their account. This assignment enables you to provide access to Zadara Cloud Services to numerous users, dividing and separating the resources that each user will be able to view, create, and manage.

Basic Account Operations

To see account information and perform basic account configurations, navigate to Identity & Access > Account.

In the upper half of the account view, the following account information is available:

  • Account Id

  • Account Name

  • MFA Status

  • Number of associated projects, groups, and users

  • Number of associated compute resources (VM instances, vCPU’s, RAM)

  • Number of associated networking resources (networks, floating IP’s, security groups)

  • Amount of associated storage resources (volumes, images, snapshots)

In addition, the following configurations can be made:

  • Enforce MFA (Multi-factored Authentication)

  • Assign tags which can be used to allow better account visibility, filtering, or reporting.

In the lower half of the account view, 4 tabs are available for the following operations:

  1. Projects - Projects associated with the account are displayed. To associate the account with a new project, click Create Project in the displayed toolbar. An account can be associated with more than one project.

  2. Groups - Groups associated with the account are displayed. To associate the account with a new group, click Create Group in the displayed toolbar.

  3. Users - Users associated with the account are displayed. Use the toggle buttons in the dispaly to enable/disable a specific user, or activate/deactivate MFA for a specific user once enabled for the account. To associate a new user with the account, click Create User in the displayed toolbar.

  4. Limits - Configure resource limitations for the account as described in the following section.


From the Identity & Access > Account view, operations can be per account or per project. To see information or make configurations per project, select a specific project from the list displayed in the project tab. For more information on project-level operations, see Creating Projects. If no project is selected from the list, the operations will be per account.

You can always be sure whether you are in the account or project view by the display on top of the toolbar.

  • In the account view, the display will be:

    Home > Account > Account_Name.

  • In the project view, the display will be:

    Home > Account > Account_Name > Project > Project_Name

Account Limits

Compute, Services and Storage resources can be limited per account and per project within the account. When these limits are set, Zadara Cloud Services tracks the usage of these resources when they are allocated or freed-up, both at the project level and at the account level.

For a given resource, the sum of the limits set for each project within an account may exceed the limit set for the account itself. However the total amount of the resource actually used may never exceed either the project limit or account limit set for that resource.  For example, there may be a 10-image limit set for account A, and a 5-image limit for each of its three member projects - P1, P2, P3. This sets the total limits of the projects at 15, even though the limit of account A is only 10. Users within account A will be allowed to create images until they either individually reach the limit of 5 in their project, or until a total of 10 images have been created in the account across all projects.


Networking resources can currently be limited only per project.

Limits can be imposed on the following account resources:

  1. Compute

    • Number of cores

    • Number of images

    • Number of instances

    • Number of key-pairs

    • RAM

  2. Services

    • Number of Kubernetes clusters

    • Number of database instances

    • Number of load balancers

    • Number of registries

  3. Storage

    • Number of snapshots

    • Number of volumes

    • Volume capacity


Storage limits are defined and displayed per storage pool, which are then aggregated to an account limit.


Users with roles Member or Tenant Admin can view but not add or modify limits.