Internet Gateways


An internet gateway is a logical entity that connects the VPC router to an external network. It is associated with a VPC which has a public subnet. It is used as a target in the VPC route tables for Internet-routable traffic.

See the video introducing Internet Gateways and NAT Gateways:

Creating an Internet Gateway

To create a internet gateway:

  1. Navigate to the Networking > Internet Gateways view.

  2. From the top toolbar, click Create.

  3. In the Create Internet Gateway dialog, enter the following:

    • Name - name of the internet gateway.

    • Description - optional description of the internet gateway.

    • VPC - VPC which is associated with this internet gateway.

Internet Gateway Operations

After creation of an internet gateway, it will be displayed in the internet gateway list in the Networking > Internet Gateways view. The following operations can be performed by selecting an internet gateway from the list, and clicking the appropriate icon from the top toolbar.

  • Modify - change name of the internet gateway.

  • Detach - detach internet gateway from VPC.

  • Delete - delete internet gateway.