NextGen Object Storage User Guide

NextGen Object Storage is Zadara’s latest Object Storage service introduced in version 23.03. It is provided on Zadara clouds, side by side with the VPSA Storage Array, VPSA Flash Array and VPSA Object Storage that provides block,file and object storage storage services.

Explore our user guide to provision and administrate your Object Storage.

Getting started

Provision and start using Zadara’s Object Storage

Client configuration

Configure your object storage clients


Object Storage console and object operations


Object Storage accounts and users administration

NextGen Object Storage is Zadara’s object storage service. It is provided on Zadara clouds, side by side with the virtual private storage array that provides block and file storage services.

These are the key properties of the NextGen Object Storage:

  • Unlimited scalability (scaling out) in both capacity and total objects - simply keep adding drives

  • Scale-up - handle the changes in your workloads and serve increased performance by adding additional Proxy VCs to accomodate your clients workload

  • User-defined object metadata

  • 2-Way & Erasure Code data protection

  • Storage supports both S3 and Swift compatible REST API

  • Comprehensive usage reporting and metering

  • Multi-tenancy at both the object storage and account levels