Version 23.09-SP1-309

Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-23790 - Added Object Life Cycle support (including S3 API support)

  • ZSTRG-26582 - Added S3API CORS support

  • ZSTRG-27854 - Adjust container permissions cache to 60 seconds. With this change, both Container and Account ACL cache duration are 60 seconds

  • ZSTRG-27300 - Improved responsiveness of the Object Storage management console, particularly when handling multiple user requests, has been implemented to address slow UI performance

  • ZSTRG-28020 - Usage reports generator can now produce reports for the last two calendar months

  • ZSTRG-28211 - Fixed an issue where a disabled account user could still access the system

  • ZSTRG-27872 - Fixed an issue where an object that contains a comma (,) in its name couldn’t be deleted from the console

  • ZSTRG-27379 - Fixed an issue where the capacity dashboard graph doesn’t reflect the actual capacity

  • ZSTRG-26953 - Fixed an issue where the diagnostic reachability test failed for the Public IP as the source interface

VPSA Storage Array / VPSA Flash Array

  • ZSTRG-27217 - Added support for VMware’s Extended-XCOPY API to allow Storage vMotion across two storage array. Users who wish to leverage this capability, please contact

  • ZSTRG-28029 - Improved failover experience for VPSAs with block volumes consumers

  • ZSTRG-27898 - Adjusted the demote rate from the VPSA performance SSD tier to the capacity tier in an All Flash Array to avoid high SSD tier usage

  • ZSTRG-27539 - (VPSA Storage Array) New encrypted volumes will use a new encryption cipher which improves performance. There is no impact on existing VPSA volumes and VPSA Flash Array

  • ZSTRG-27321 - Enhanced stability for RAID protection

  • ZSTRG-28300, ZSTRG-28216 - Fixed an issue where internal API timeout can lead to a controller failover

  • ZSTRG-27875 - Fixed an issue where VPSA Flash Array went into Lock-Down state

  • ZSTRG-26953 - Fixed an issue where diagnostic reachability test failed for Public IP as the source interface

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-27886 - Fixed an issue where user with a RO permissions couldn’t get the Storage Node CPU information

  • ZSTRG-27547 - RestAPI - Fixed an issue where used capacity per VPSA was not returned correctly

Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-27144 - General UI enhancements

  • ZSTRG-28110 - Fixed an issue where unsupported protection policies were listed for Object Storage creation

Storage Node & Cloud Orchestration

  • ZSTRG-28505 - Rolled out a new zStorage Cloud Controller certificate

  • ZSTRG-22856 - Enhanced the cloud internal monitoring capabilities to detect networking issues


Version 23.09-SP1 introduces a range of security fixes and enhancements across the entire zStorage product line, bolstering protection and improving user safety.

Notable updates include the mitigation of the following CVEs:

Version 23.09-302

Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-25989 - Variety of improvements for a metadata policy performance and scale-out process

  • ZSTRG-25736 - Fixed an issue where the public URL is not presented with a custom endpoint

  • ZSTRG-25251 - Fixed an issue where changing the Object Storage instance name is not populated in the UI

  • ZSTRG-23709 - Added the ability to set account/container level quota

  • ZSTRG-23073 - Strong Consistency for all object operations

  • ZSTRG-24592 - Added the option to define container level auditing

  • ZSTRG-26506 - Added Zadara’s Object Storage signature to S3API responses (Server = Zadara)

VPSA Storage Array / VPSA All Flash

  • ZSTRG-26744 - Fixed an issue where high memory utilization is caused due to an internal reporting process

  • ZSTRG-26686 - Fixed an issue where snapshot is stuck in “Deletion Pending” state

  • ZSTRG-25274 - Starting of 23.09 creating new RAID6 Raid-Group is not allowed

  • ZSTRG-25022 - Added the option to list existing tags for Volumes filtering

  • ZSTRG-22987 - Added a display of expected volume size post expansion

  • ZSTRG-24727 - Upgrade Samba SMB service

  • ZSTRG-22767 - KMIP KMS Equinix SmartKeys is now labeled as Fortanix DSM

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-26652 - Allow administrator to select a permanent UI language in the VPSA UI view (cloud_admin), with the new behavior the language selected for the cloud_admin view will persist.

  • ZSTRG-27270 - Updated TLS certificate

Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-25855 - Fixed an issue where custom logo got stretched in the login screen

  • ZSTRG-19954 - Added the ability for VPSAs owners to upgrade their VPSA software version directly from the Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-26272 - (AWS Marketplace Users) Added the visibility of the AWS account ID

  • ZSTRG-26272 - (AWS Marketplace Users) Added a protection to prevent AWS account association

  • ZSTRG-27270 - Updated TLS certificate


Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-24912 - Diverse security-related solutions and improvements aimed at enhancing the security of Provisioning Portal web application.

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-24912 - Diverse security-related solutions and improvements aimed at enhancing the security of Provisioning Portal web application.

VPSA Storage Array/Flash Array

  • ZSTRG-24912 - Diverse security-related solutions and improvements aimed at enhancing the security of Provisioning Portal web application.

Cloud common components

API Documentation

The zStorage cloud products API documentation is now available in a unified portal: The old documentation portals will be deprecated gradually and currently serves the RestAPI documentation for version 23.03 and below.