Release 23.03

The following section will breakdown the main additions and updates to the Zadara Storage Cloud platform on top of the previous 22.06 major version.

Object Storage

zStorage 23.03 introduces the next generation of high-performance, efficient, and durable object storage engine. This new solution is the culmination of Zadara’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology that meets and exceeds the demands of our users’ object storage needs. With Zadara’s 23.03 Object Storage, you can expect lightning-fast data access and retrieval, exceptional scalability and efficiency, and unmatched durability that can withstand even the most challenging data-intensive workloads. Our goal is to provide you with an object storage solution that empowers you to manage your data more effectively and efficiently along with the ability to scale up and out according to your business needs. zStorage 23.03 Object Storage is designed to provide expected performance, even as data volumes grow exponentially.

Please note that the new object storage engine requires a dedicated instance and existing instance cannot be upgraded to use the 23.03 software version. This is due to the vast architectural changes and object storage data layout We understand that this may cause some inconvenience, but we want to ensure that you get the most out of the new engine’s capabilities. Therefore, we recommend that you set up a new instance for the new engine to take full advantage of its advanced features and performance benefits.

Zadara’s Solutions and Support teams are available to assist you with this process and answer any questions you may have.

There are some VPSA Object Storage features that are currently not available in the 23.03 Object Storage version, the full list can be found in the Object Storage section in the Known issues and limitation.

VPSA Flash Array

As an ongoing enhancement since zStorage 22.06 release, Zadara’s zStorage 23.03 release includes significant performance enhancements for Zadara’s VPSA Flash Array in either single tier or multi-tier configurations. Customers can expect decreased write latency, improved defragger rate limits, reduced CPU footprint on writes and more.

Provisioning Portal

The Provisioning Portal has undergone a significant update, introducing a new application framework engine along with a sleek and modern interface. These enhancements are expected to boost significantly the application’s overall performance and make the provisioning and management operations even better.

Version 23.03-SP1-192

Storage Node & Cloud Orchestration

  • ZSTRG-28505 - Rolled out a new zStorage Cloud Controller certificate

Version 23.03-SP1-191

The following version was released in order address cloud nodes level(Storage Nodes).

Version 23.03-SP1-188

Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-26470 - Multi-delete performance enhancement

  • ZSTRG-26505,ZSTRG-26325 - S3API match the Last-Modified timestamp format for Head-Object and List-Object APIs. Both APIs will return the timestamp with seconds granularity

  • ZSTRG-26010,ZSTRG-25959 - S3API fixed an issue where Access Denied error was returned for a multipart operation for a user with write-only permissions

Version 23.03-SP1-158

Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-23197 - Enhance delete-objects (multi-delete) performance, specially helpful with use-cases where multi-delete is commonly used (i.e. backup applications)

  • ZSTRG-23358 - Fixed an issue where drive replacement was rejected

  • ZSTRG-25881 - Fixed an issue where GET returns 412 HTTP for a multipart object with ETag verification

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-25263 - Fixed an issue where retrieving VPSA capacity trend returns an error

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-24280 - Fixed an issue where deleting an empty pool was failing due to orphan volume entry in the Recycle Bin

  • ZSTRG-24270 - Fixed an issue where FC paths were indicating the wrong status while zoning was removed

  • ZSTRG-25903 - Fixed an issue where iSCSI initiator login doesn’t create a server record


Version 23.03-SP1 brings a variety of security fixes and improvements across the entire zStorage product line, strengthening protection and enhancing user safety. Notable changes include the following CVEs:

Version 23.03-227

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-25289 - Fixed an issue where NFS share may get hang

  • ZSTRG-25201 - Fixed an issue where volume deletion may fail if the standby VC is not in normal state

  • ZSTRG-25038 - Fixed an issue where creating a new server record from the management interface will strip the CIDR (issue was introduced in 22.06-SP1)

Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-25261 - Fixed an issue where activation URL sent by email is not working as expected

  • ZSTRG-25276 - Fixed an issue where VPSA Public IP is not visible

Version 23.03-221

Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-24241,ZSTRG-25087,ZSTRG-25119,ZSTRG-25073,ZSTRG-25141 - Fixed various security vulnerabilities

  • ZSTRG-25171 - Fixed an issue with public IP assignment for VPSA/Object Storage instances

Version 23.03-214

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-22281 - Upgraded SMB engine (4.17), addresses security and performance issues

VPSA Flash Array

  • ZSTRG-24043, ZSTRG-24042, ZSTRG-23279, ZSTRG-23621 - Defragger performance improvements and tiering optimization

  • ZSTRG-24493 - Fixed an issue where file analytics presentation was not presented properly

  • ZSTRG-24167 - Fixed an issue where VPSA hibernation failed

  • ZSTRG-23967 - Fixed an issue where raid-group wasn’t released from a pool after shrinking was completed

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-21109 - Fixed an issue where SNMP V3 Auth key and Priv Key were not save after edit

  • ZSTRG-20148 - Fixed an issue where remote authentication with Okta as the LDAPS provider wasn’t working


Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-21946 - SCSS Attack protection

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-21946, ZSTRG-22020 - SCSS Attack protection

VPSA Storage Array/Flash Array

  • ZSTRG-22019 - SCSS Attack protection

Cloud common components

Known issues and limitations

Object Storage

The 23.03 release of Zadara’s Object Storage does not support the following functionality that is part of the VPSA Object Storage:

  • Account level rate limit

  • Container level replication

  • Account/container quotas

  • Object Life Cycle

  • External authentication (Openstack Keystone integration)

The features above will be added gradually back to the platform according to Zadara’s Products road map.

Object Storage version 23.03 currently support the following data protection in a single zone layout:

  • 2-Way mirroring

  • Erasure Code 4+2

VPSA Storage Array and Flash-Array

  • ZSTRG-24231 - Introduced in 23.03, VPSA volume mirroring for NAS volumes from a VPSA running 23.03 to an older VPSA version with DOS attributes enabled should be avoided as older version will not be able to read the xattr created by the newer VPSA. It is recommended to upgrade both source and destination to 23.03 software version

  • ZSTRG-23612 - Flash-Array, Introduced in 23.03, creating a RAID6 using the SSD tier is now prohibited

Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-23919 - In some cases, pending service creation request will be present despite the service request was already approved. The pending request will be cleared in the next internal sync (up to 10 minutes)

  • ZSTRG-23919 - In some cases, pending service creation requests will not be displayed as pending until the next internal sync (up to 10 minutes)

  • ZSTRG-24354 - introduced in 23.03, VLAN allocation pending requests is not visible in the provisioning portal

  • ZSTRG-24219 - Introduced in 23.03, pending action indicator for existing operations is not visible.

Revision history
  • 23.03-SP1-192, May, 2024

  • 23.03-SP1-191, December 2023

  • 23.03-SP1-188, October 2023

  • 23.03-SP1-158, July 2023

  • 23.03-227, May 2023

  • 23.03-221, April 2023

  • 23.03-214, April 2023