Release 21.07

Key Enhancements

VPSA Storage Array

Volume QoS (Quality of Service)

zStorage 21.07 VPSA has been enhanced to support users specified capping for block volumes IO rate and consumed throughput. VPSA users can now specify upper limits for: read IOPS, write IOPS, read throughput and write through for every VPSA volume.

Volume QoS is supported in both VPSA Storage Arrays and VPSA Flash Arrays, QoS can be configured from volumes of all media types (SSD/HDD/Tiered) Both IOPS and Bandwidth capping definitions can be applied for the same volume. In such a case, the volume will be capped by the metric reaching the specific threshold at any point in time.

Flash Array Tiered Pools - optimized operations

Zadara is introducing an enhancement to the VPSA Flash array tiered pools feature that will optimize tiered pool operations in general purpose and OLTP use cases. The tiered pool chunk promotion behavior has been enhanced to reduce chunk promotion and demotion traffic in cases of random IO workloads by now taking into consideration the relative heat of specific chunks to be promoted in addition to overall pool capacity considerations.

VPSA Object Storage

Quota limit notifications

VPSA Object Storage administrators can now set quota utilization notifications for their accounts administrator based on a pre-defined custom threshold (system wide).

Rate limiting control

VPSA Object Storage administrators can now set rate limiting control on account basis using a global/account level threshold.

The following section will breakdown the main additions and updates to the Zadara Storage Cloud platform.

Version 21.07-222

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-18674 - Fix an issue with tiering periodic promotion.

  • ZSTRG-18463 - Fix an issue where the VPSA IQN was presented truncated in the Virtual Controller properties view.

Version 21.07-195

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-18139 - VPSA can now support up to 64 uniques Virtual Network Interfaces (VNI). Additional VNI support is bounded to the VPSA engine size:

    • Engine 200 - up to 8 VNIs

    • Engine 400 - up to 16 VNIs

    • Engine 600 - up to 32 VNIs

    • Engine 800 and higher - 64 VNIs

    • Flash Array H100-H400 - 64 VNIs

  • ZSTRG-18170 - Flash Array, increase Optane size allocation for all pool types.

  • ZSTRG-15673 - Allow VNI based remote mirroring on different networks. Limitation: Mirror replication over VNIs with different CIDR is applicable only if single VNI is attached to VPSA

  • ZSTRG-18049 - Fix an issue where the management console will not start post a failover

  • ZSTRG-18055 - Fix an issue in which the extended cache expansion operation may not complete as expected.

Storage Node

  • ZSTRG-14067, ZSTRG-7855 - Add MegaRAID 3916 support

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-18369 - TLS certificate for the domain was updated.

Version 21.07-176

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-17819, ZSTRG-17802 - Flash array - added internal debugging tools


  • ZSTRG-17924 - Fix an issue where collecting hourly CCVM configuration dump did not complete as expected

Version 21.07-174

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-14938 - Improve tiering algorithm for general purpose VPSAs

  • ZSTRG-14171 - VPSA Block Volume capping

  • ZSTRG-7807 - Flash Array - Add volume metering of IOs size distribution

  • ZSTRG-10630 - TCPDump was added as a networking diagnostic tool

  • ZSTRG-12900 - Force Recover option was removed from the VPSA management interface

  • ZSTRG-14392 - Improve Virtual Controller failover time

  • ZSTRG-13703 - File access log can be enabled from “Audit Log” menu context

  • ZSTRG-11577 - VPSA IQN and netbios name are now globally unique

  • ZSTRG-12237 - Added a comprehensive volume filtering (VPSA management interface)

  • ZSTRG-13944 - Adjust dashboard’s capacity history chart according to the VPSA creation date

VPSA Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-14438 - Added a support for asynchronous container deletion

  • ZSTRG-12910 - Added policy metering information for multi-delete operations

  • ZSTRG-11414 - Added connections count metering information

  • ZSTRG-10285 - Added the option to switch timezone in the VPSA Object Storage management interface

  • ZSTRG-14251 - Branding - custom logo can be set directly from the VPSA Object Storage management interface

  • ZSTRG-14466 - container replication wizard can now list remote buckets

  • ZSTRG-15668 - Usage report - fix an issue with the account drop down selection menu

  • ZSTRG-15165 - SECURITY Fixed an issue where management interface session termination failed

  • ZSTRG-15165 - SECURITY anti-automation mechanism was added

  • ZSTRG-13916 - SECURITY upgrade Apache serer to latest version

Storage Node

  • ZSTRG-13576 - Add periodic check for DNS server validity

  • ZSTRG-17749 - Added support to customize cloud’s MTU field for internal cloud networks. Supported for new cloud installations only.

Command Center

  • ZSTRG-12523 - Allow SMTP TLS port customization

  • ZSTRG-14079 - VPSA usage report can be submitted to a custom endpoint

  • ZSTRG-14487 - SECURITY - harden user uploads wizard to detect unsupported filetypes

  • ZSTRG-14486 - SECURITY - protect against redirection phishing attack

  • ZSTRG-14485 - SECURITY - protect against user enumeration

Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-13014 - Pricing management APIs were added

  • ZSTRG-14485 - SECURITY - protect against user enumeration


  • ZSTRG-14331 - Asigra Data Service is no longer supported

  • Zadara VPSA CSI Driver 1.3.7 :

    • Additional stonith component to evacuate StatefulSet Pods from unreachable Nodes, for faster failover.

    • Fix an issue with iSCSI sessions teardown in IPv6 environment


ZSTRG-15172 - Upgraded cross cloud components to mitigate the following CVEs

Known issues and limitations

VPSA Storage Array

  • ZSTRG-15330 - Volume performance capping for NAS volume is not supported

VPSA Object Storage

  • 19979 - Object replication doesn’t support replication for containers with object-lock enabled. Container Replication will not detect versioning nor Object-Lock status of the remote Object Storage. Life cycle policy will not be created on the remote object storage as well.

  • 20295 - Object Storage main dashboard operations breakdown display a summary of operations instead of concurrent operation breakdown.

Revision History

  • 21.07-222, January 2022

  • 21.07-195, December 2021

  • 21.07-176, November 2021

  • 21.07-174, October 2021 (GA)