Known issues and limitations

zStorage 23.09

VPSA Storage Array and Flash-Array

  • ZSTRG-25274 - Starting of 23.09 creating new RAID6 Raid-Group is not allowed

Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-27887 - “Allow tenant name in URL” option for Swift API does not work for public objects access

  • ZSTRG-27282 - Container Audit logs present the Object Storage load-balancer IP instead of the source IP address

  • ZSTRG-27169 - Containers with versioning enabled (and/or large objects) will impact the average object size presented in ZIOS_ADMIN dashboard. The average object size that is presented will add the object’s versions and multi-part segments to the object count

  • ZSTRG-27422 - Usage reports allows the user to select a retention period of up to 90 days where the system stores 60 days of usage reports

Unified API Documentation portal

Executing API requests from the docs interface itself are currently restricted due to CORS.

zStorage 23.03

Object Storage

The 23.03 release of Zadara’s Object Storage does not support the following functionality that is part of the VPSA Object Storage:

  • Account level rate limit

  • Container level replication

  • Account/container quotas

  • Object Life Cycle

  • External authentication (Openstack Keystone integration)

The features above will be added gradually back to the platform according to Zadara’s Products road map.

Object Storage version 23.03 currently support the following data protection in a single zone layout:

  • 2-Way mirroring

  • Erasure Code 4+2

VPSA Storage Array and Flash-Array

  • ZSTRG-24231 - Introduced in 23.03, VPSA volume mirroring for NAS volumes from a VPSA running 23.03 to an older VPSA version with DOS attributes enabled should be avoided as older version will not be able to read the xattr created by the newer VPSA. It is recommended to upgrade both source and destination to 23.03 software version

  • ZSTRG-23612 - Flash-Array, Introduced in 23.03, creating a RAID6 using the SSD tier is now prohibited

Provisioning Portal

  • ZSTRG-23919 - In some cases, pending service creation request will be present despite the service request was already approved. The pending request will be cleared in the next internal sync (up to 10 minutes)

  • ZSTRG-23919 - In some cases, pending service creation requests will not be displayed as pending until the next internal sync (up to 10 minutes)

  • ZSTRG-24354 - introduced in 23.03, VLAN allocation pending requests is not visible in the provisioning portal

  • ZSTRG-24219 - Introduced in 23.03, pending action indicator for existing operations is not visible.