Key enhancements

The following section will breakdown the main additions delivered in zStorage 23.09 and its service pack release (23.09-SP1) to the Zadara Storage Cloud platform.

Object Storage

Object life-cycle policy

Version: 23.09-SP1

Managing digital assets efficiently is crucial for organizations. Zadara’s Object Storage platforms offer scalable and durable solutions for vast amounts of unstructured data. Managing this data effectively requires a strategic approach. An Object Life Cycle Policy automates the management of objects from creation to deletion, balancing cost and compliance.


CORS S3 Compatible API support

Version: 23.09-SP1

CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) is a security feature that permits Object Storage containers to accept requests from different origins by specifying permissible origins, methods, and headers. It is important as it enables web applications to securely interact with the Object Storage resources across various domains, ensuring proper data access while maintaining stringent security protocols.


Accounts and Containers(buckets) quotas

Accounts and container-level quotas empower the Object Storage administrator to specify and manage data usage within the Object Storage platform. The platform includes an integrated notification mechanism and customizable threshold, enhancing the administrator’s ability to effectively oversee and regulate storage resources.


Container Logging

The Container Logging feature offers logging functionalities for objects stored in the object storage system. This feature is intended to offer insights into activities at the object level, facilitating audit trails. It aids in comprehending access patterns, usage statistics, and identifying security incidents.


Strong Consistency

Zadara’s NextGen Object Storage was built with strong consistency in mind, ensuring read operations will always return the most recent data. With zStorage 23.09, Zadara’s Object Storage is strong consistent for all object operations.


VPSA Storage Array & All Flash Array

VMware’s Extended-XCOPY API

Version: 23.09-SP1

VMware Extended XCOPY (E-XCOPY) is a feature introduced in vSphere 8.0 U1 that optimizes data copies between VMFS datastores hosted on different storage arrays. E-XCOPY allows you to offload, migrate, and clone workloads between VMFS datastores that reside in separate storage arrays. It significantly improves the performance of tasks like Storage vMotion and cloning by leveraging array-based data movement instead of relying solely on host-assisted data copying within vSphere. By using E-XCOPY, you can reduce the impact on vSphere resources during large-scale data transfers.

Users who wishes to leverage this capability please contact


Self-managed VPSA software updates

zStorage 23.09 allows VPSA owners to manage the software life-cycle of their VPSAs. Upon releasing a new software version the platform will notify the VPSA owner and will allow self-managed upgrade directly from Zadara’s Provisioning Portal. VPSA Administrators can start their software upgrade immediately or schedule it for a later time per their convenience.


The Changelog section of this guide provides details on additional enhancements, changes and fixes introduced in this version.