Release 22.06-SP2

The following section will breakdown the main additions and updates to the Zadara Storage Cloud platform on top of the previous 22.06 major version and 22.06-SP1.

Release 22.06-SP2 is a service pack release which includes scalability, security, usability improvements, new enhancements and bug fixes for Zadara’s Object Storage.

The following section will breakdown the main additions and updates to the Zadara Storage Cloud platform on top of the previous 22.06 major version.

Version 22.06-SP2-101

VPSA Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-27699 - Updated wildcard certificate

  • ZSTRG-26420, ZSTRG-26791, ZSTRG-27094 - Container level replication enhancements to improve replication rates and error handling

  • ZSTRG-26936 - Fixed an issue where account deletion doesn’t complete as expected

  • ZSTRG-26527 - Fixed an issue where VNI IP allocation failed post upgrade to 22.06-SP2-84

  • ZSTRG-27633, ZSTRG-27421 - Fixed an issue where a user cannot sign in to the management interface

  • ZSTRG-26762 - Fixed an issue where MTU configuration was not applied for the ZELB

Version 22.06-SP2-84

VPSA Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-25945 - Fixed an issue where container replication job could experience failure as a result of restricted network speed

  • ZSTRG-25996 - Fixed an issue wherein the performance of the Object Storage user management interface was adversely affected by a background drive replacement, leading to slowness

Version 22.06-SP2-82

VPSA Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-25751 - Fixed an issue where ZELB advertise wrong MAC address upon a failure

  • ZSTRG-25546, ZSTRG-25763 - Performance enhancements for GET and POST (multi objects delete)

Version 22.06-SP2-78

VPSA Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-24742 - Fixed an issue where public objects access were rejected on versioned containers.

  • ZSTRG-24547 - Fixed an issue which caused restore operation to fail

  • ZSTRG-20263 - Increased concurrency for background delete operations

  • ZSTRG-22196 - Fixed an issue when a replication job is stuck in “Creating” status

  • ZSTRG-23399 - Fixed an issue where VNI IP addresses were not assigned as expected

  • ZSTRG-24487 - Improved keystone auth service resiliency

  • ZSTRG-24304 - Fixed an issue where UI login failed for an instance with a high volume of accounts

  • ZSTRG-25367 - Fixed an issue where using the aws s3 cp command failed for multipart objects

  • ZSTRG-25420 - Fixed an issue where using Swift API for Temp URL returned an error

  • ZSTRG-24534 - Fixed an issue with content-type assignment

  • ZSTRG-23838 - Fixed an issue where cache-control header was not not set properly for multipart-upload

  • ZSTRG-21124 - Fixed an issue where usage report had a fixed calendar days resulting in a wrong average usage reporting


Known issues and limitations

VPSA Storage Array and Flash-Array

  • ZSTRG-20381, 22.06-86 - SMB: domain admin attempt to take ownership on a folder owned by another user fails in case inheritance is disabled

VPSA Object Storage

  • ZSTRG-27422 - Usage reports allows the user to select a retention period of up to 90 days where the system stores 60 days of usage reports

Revision history

  • 22.06-SP2-101, February 2024

  • 22.06-SP2-84, July 2023

  • 22.06-SP2-82, July 2023

  • 22.06-SP2-78, May 2023