Managing Cloud Logs

Command Center maintains a centralized cloud level event log which can be utilized for detailed infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting. Log event can be viewed and searched from the Command Center Central Log tab. Events may also be shipped to an external syslog daemon for 3rd party application based event monitoring.

Searching And Filtering Logs

Cloud log can be searched and specific events extracted using the Command Center filtering functionality. To search for specific content in log messages:

On the Central Log tab select Message in the Add Filter list box. Type a search string in Contains or an exclude string in Doesn’t Contain and Click on the Filter button


Additional filters can be applied can be applied by selecting more statements in the Add Filter list box.

Users can filter log messages by:




Search\exclude string


Event creation date range

Min Severity

Minimum severity level

Source Type

Element in which event occurred (Storage Node, VPSA, etc. )

Source Name

Selection\exclusion of a specific element


Filter statements have a “logical and” relationship between them

Forwarding Events To A Syslog Daemon

To forward cloud events events to an external syslog daemon:

On the Central Log tab select click on the RSYSLOG Servers caption. In the text box below type your syslog server IP address and the syslog daemon port number separated by “:” . Click on the Add button to apply changes.


To stop forwarding cloud events events to a defined syslog daemon:

On the Central Log tab select click on the RSYSLOG Servers caption. Select the checkbox for the specific syslog daemon server you would like to remove and click the Delete selected button.


Managing Command Center Access Log

To view command center access log click on the image111 icon on the top right side of the screen and select Access logs from the drop down menu.

Access log messages can be filtered in a similar way as with cloud central logs.

Available filter statements are :




Command center Action performed or attempted

Access Type

Web or API access

IP Address

Originating IP address


Originating User ID


Log record creation date