Using Comments In Command Center

Understanding Command Center Comments

Command center allows cloud administrators to attach comments to most of the cloud managed entities. Comments can be used to document any issue or business process conducted in the cloud for example communicate resource ( storage nodes or parts of it , disk drives etc. ) dedication to a specific project/tenant.

Command center comments can be assigned to the following Zadara could entities:

  • Storage nodes

  • VPSA/VPSA object storage

  • Cloud users

  • Disk drive series/Individual disk drives

Comments as assigned with a severity level, supported levels are : low , medium ,high and critical. An indication of all cloud comments according to their severity is displayed on Command centers main dashboard.


All comments created in command center can be displayed by clicking on the comment section on command centers main dashboard.


Command center comments support standard GitHub markdown


Working With Comments

To add a new comment to a supported command center entity navigate to its dashboard and click on the comments tab and then on the New Comment button. Assign a severity to your comment ,add the required content and tick the Pin to dashboard box if you want this specific comment text to be displayed on the elements dashboard. Click on the Save button to create the new comment.



Comments can be pinned\unpinned from the elements dashboard by clicking on the comments pin icon on the elements Comments tab