Cloud Management Software DeploymentΒΆ

The Zadara cloud contains two storage nodes which are assigned to the roles of Cloud controller master(or ccmaster) and Cloud controller slave(or ccslave). CCmaster/CCslave Storage nodes are responsible for Cloud management and monitoring in addition to virtual storage controller hosting like any other Cloud storage node. The ccmaster storage node actively hosts all cloud management function including a dedicated cloud controller virtual machine(or ccvm). In case of any failure in the cloud controller master node a fail over of all cloud management resources to the Cloud controller slave is performed.

Zadara cloud can be centrally managed by 2 software components:

  • Provisioning portal

  • Command center

By default both Provisioning portal and Command center reside within the cloud controller virtual machine .


Provisioning portal can also be deployed on any cloud application platform such as Heroku. This topology should be deployed when there is a need to manage multiple clouds in multiple regions in a single portal.


- The cloud controller virtual machine supports both IPv4 and IPv6 for its frontend address.
- From version 20.12 TLS v1.1 is no longer supported by the Command Center web UI.