zStorage 21.07-SP1 Release Notes

This document describes the Zadara Storage Cloud release notes. These release notes contain important information available at the time of the release. New features, important bug fixes and known limitations are addressed here.

Key Enhancements

VPSA Object Storage

Object-Lock S3 API performance improvement


With version 21.07-SP1, Zadara improved significantly its VPSA Object Storage handling of the following S3 compatible Object-Lock APIs:

  • Put-object-retention

  • Multi-delete

With Object-Lock enabled use-cases(i.e Veeam’s immutable backup), where the backup application requires periodical update of the objects in the backend container (bucket) with an updated “Retention Date”. Updating the object’s metadata requires a single API request per object, which can result with millions of consecutive requests. The change in the way the VPSA Object Storage handle the object metadata allow the Object Storage to serve x3-x4 more requests in parallel.

New account administrator dashboard


Similar to the VPSA Object Storage administrator, a new account dashboard was introduced to provide a snapshot visibility to the account administrators. The dashboard will provide the following information:

  • General VPSA Object Storage information

  • Performance metering snapshot:

    • Total throughput

    • Total operations/s

    • Operation type breakdown

    • Capacity history

    • Account status (capacity, containers count, object count, users etc)

Revision History

  • 21.07-SP1-297, May 2022

  • 21.07-SP1-292, April 2022

  • 21.07-SP1-280, March 2022

  • 21.07-SP1-237, February 2022 (GA)